How to Run Docker Container

The Docker technology is designed to automate the deployment of the applications by using lightweight containers. Developers can use a Docker Container to wrap up an application with all of its libraries and dependencies and deploy everything as a single package.

Aspose.Imaging Cloud team has published the Docker Container on Docker Hub to facilitate the Docker users. The following sections will guide you that how to run a Docker commands or write configuration in a Yaml file for Docker compose tool.

Container configuration

Required volumes

Mount path in container Description
/data File storage folder


Name Description
LicensePublicKey Public key of the license
LicensePrivateKey Private key of the license

Run a Docker container using command line

You can simply run the following docker command after pulling the container from Docker Hub.

docker run  -e "LicensePublicKey=public_key" -e "LicensePrivateKey=private_key" -v "/fonts:/fonts" -v "/data:/data" aspose/imaging-cloud

Configurations for Docker-Compose Tool

You can write the following configurations in your yaml file for Docker-Compose tool:

      image: aspose/imaging-cloud
      ports: ["8082:80"]
      volumes: [
        "LicensePublicKey": "yourKeyHere"
        "LicensePrivateKey": "yourKeyHere"