Aspose object detection

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Aspose object detection service simplifies the process of integrating image processing and analysis into your application. By using our API, developers can quickly enrich their solutions with image object detection features, and therefore, increase their business value.

Aspose object detection API offers an opportunity to detect object boundaries on an image, as well as the objects' labels and scores. To fulfill this task, API utilizes a popular library libtensorflow along with Single Shot Multibox Detector. You can find the list of available labels here. Objects labels are taken from the COCO 2017 dataset, that consists of more than 80 entries.

For now, Aspose object detection API can process one of the most popular image formats - JPEG, JPEG2000, and BMP. Images could be passed to the server in request body or uploaded to a storage previously. You can find the detailed information about API usage in our official blog.

Below are several practical examples of how Aspose object detection API could be used in real-world applications.

Overall, there are a huge number of ways how to increase the business value of your application by using Aspose Object Detection service. The benefits it provides can be applied in almost every area of our lives. 

Coming soon: you may evaluate Aspose object detection service in our free app