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The Docker technology is designed to easily automate the deployment of the applications by using lightweight containers. Developers can use a Docker container to wrap up an application with all of its required libraries and other dependencies, and deploy it as a package.

The Aspose.Words Cloud has published its container on Docker hub to facilitate the Docker users. The following sections will guide you that how to run a Docker commands or write configuration in a Yaml file for Docker compose tool.

Container configuration


Required volumes


Mount path in containerDescription
/fontsFolder with fonts, which will be used to render documents
/dataFile storage folder




LicensePublicKeyPublic key of the license
LicensePrivateKeyPrivate key of the license

If "License" parameters are omitted, the app will work in trial mode. If "User" parameter is set, each request requires "Authorization" header (Jwt authentication). The url to obtain token is "/connect/token".

Run a Docker container using command line

You can simply run the following docker command after pulling the container from Docker Hub.


Configurations for Docker-Compose Tool

You can write the following configurations in your yaml file for Docker-Compose tool:


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