Aspose.Cells Cloud is a REST API that facilitates a wide array of document processing tasks, such as creation, manipulation, conversion, and rendering of Excel documents in the cloud. You can effortlessly convert XLS and XLSX files to various formats like PDF, HTML, ODS, XPS, CSV, and more.


Utilizing an SDK (API client) expedites development by handling low-level details of making requests and managing responses, allowing developers to focus on project-specific code. Explore our GitHub repository for a comprehensive list of Aspose.Cells SDKs, complete with working examples to accelerate your project development. Refer to our “Available SDKs " article to learn how to integrate an SDK into your project.

API Explorer

The Aspose.Cells Cloud API Reference provides a user-friendly way to experiment with our APIs directly in your browser! It enables seamless interaction and testing of every operation exposed by our APIs.

Security and Authentication

Aspose.Cells for Cloud APIs prioritize security and require authentication for access.

For detailed information on authenticating requests, please refer to the “Authenticating API Requests Page” page