Public API Example Cloud


This section introduces Aspose.Video for Cloud specific Resources & Operations.

Base URI

In the rest of documentation base URI presented as ‘~’ character.

Input and Output Format

Aspose.Video cloud supports request body data and response data formatted as JSON or XML. Default format is JSON.


Aspose.Video for Cloud API performs communication errors by using HTTP Status Codes with details passed in JSON or XML objects.

The main patterns are: 2xx - The request was received and accepted. 4xx - Error occured while processing the request. Invalid parameter or missing file can cause this error. 5xx - The request was received and accepted, but an error occurred in the Aspose.Video for Cloud service while processing it.

HTTP Status Codes
Code Description
200 The request has succeeded.
201 The request has been fulfilled and resulted in a new resource being created.
204 The request has been fulfilled and resource(s) were removed.
400 Failed to handle the request due to invalid parameter or missing resource.
401 Authorization failed.
404 Requested resource was not found.
405 Requested method is not allowed.
500 Internal serverver error occured while processing the request.
Example Error Response

Status: 404 Not Found


  "error": {

    "code": "FileNotFound",

    "message": "Can't find file with given name 'sample.avi' and folder 'My videos'."