Get a Slide Format Scheme from a PowerPoint Presentation


With Aspose.Slides Cloud, you can easily read information about a format scheme specified for slide elements in a PowerPoint presentation. The API method below allows you to get the following data specifying a slide’s major appearance defined in a design theme:

  • background styles
  • effect styles (shadow, reflection, glow, etc.)
  • fill styles
  • line styles


API Information

API Type Description Resource
/slides/{name}/slides/{slideIndex}/theme/formatScheme GET Retrieves a format scheme from a presentation slide. GetFormatScheme

Request Parameters

Name Type Location Required Description
name string path true The name of a presentation file.
slideIndex integer path true The 1-based index of the slide.
password string header false The password to open the presentation.
folder string query false The path to the folder containing the presentation.
storage string query false The name of the storage contaning the folder.

In case of Amazon S3 storage folder path starts with Amazon S3 bucket name.


Read information about the format scheme of the second slide from the document MyFolder/MyPresentation.pptx saved to the default storage.

cURL Solution

SDK Solutions


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