Why Aspose.OCR Cloud?

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Aspose.OCR Cloud offers a wide range of benefits for projects of any size.

  • 49 recognition languages
    Aspose.OCR Cloud neural networks are trained in a large number of European, Cyrillic, Indian and Oriental languages, including Arabic and Chinese. This makes it a truly universal solution applicable to companies of any size in almost any region of the world.
  • Read photos and low-quality scans
    Built-in image pre-processing filters intelligently improve image resolution, correct rotated, skewed and distorted images, automatically remove dirt, spots, scratches, glare, unwanted gradients, and other image defects. It allows for reliable recognition of any image, including smartphone photos. Most of the pre-processing and image correction is done automatically, so you will only have to intervene in difficult cases.
  • Minimal system requirements
    Aspose.OCR Cloud is an on-demand optical character recognition service. As such, it has no special hardware or operating system requirements - you can use it even on entry-level systems and mobile devices without loss of accuracy and performance.
  • Built-in spell checker
    Aspose.OCR Cloud API has a built-in spell checker that automatically replaces misspelled words and frees you from having to manually correct the recognition results.
  • Create searchable PDFs
    Aspose.OCR Cloud can convert PDFs that only contain images into searchable and indexable documents where you can select and copy text.
  • All types of documents
    Aspose.OCR Cloud API offers a number of sophisticated neural networks fine-tuned for specific document types: tables, invoices, receipts, books, articles, and so on.
  • Read images aloud
    Aspose.OCR Cloud can convert almost any picture or photo with readable characters into a natural human voice that can be played in the background or downloaded.
  • Read regions of an image
    Aspose.OCR Cloud can extract text from specific areas of an image to read unified documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, and others.
  • Full compatibility with other Aspose Cloud APIs
    You can combine image recognition with OMR, easily modify and convert recognized documents to almost any format, analyze and combine data from multiple sources. All tasks are performed in the same way, which significantly speeds up development, reduces learning and maintenance costs, even for the most advanced business solution.