Get TIFF Frame Properties


This article explains how to retrieve properties of a specific Tiff Frame. The API accepts frame ID as an argument and returns properties of that TIFF frame.

The frame properties can be retrieved using one of the following two APIs:

The former API expects you to first upload an image to Cloud Storage then pass its name in the API URL. After updating the image parameters, the API returns the updated image in the response. If you would like to save the updated image on the Cloud Storage, you explicitly need to call Upload File API as shown in the below examples.

On the other hand, with the second API, you can directly pass the image in the request body. It also lets you save the updated image on the Cloud Storage by specifying the outPath parameter value. However, if you do not specify the value, the response contains a streamed image.

Resource URI

With Swagger UI you can call Aspose.Imaging REST APIs directly from the browser. Description of an API and its parameters are also provided there.

cURL Examples

  • With Storage