Supported Document Formats

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The following table indicates the file formats that Aspose.3D for .NET can load and Save.

Format Description Load Save Remarks File Format in Code
AMF Additive manufacturing file format tick tick   amf
3DS 3D Studio tick tick discreet3ds discreet3ds
RVM AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model tick tick   rvmbinary,rvmtext
DRC Google Draco tick tick   draco
DAE Collada tick tick   collada
DXF AutoCAD DXF tick   dxf
FBX Autodesk FBX format. tick tick From 7.2 to 7.5, both ASCII/Binary. fbx7200ascii, fbx7200binary, fbx7300ascii, fbx7300binary, fbx7400ascii, fbx7400binary, fbx7500ascii, fbx7500binary
OBJ Wavefront Obj tick tick Including mesh/point cloud support. wavefrontobj
PDF 3D PDF tick tick

Only supports standard U3D embedded 3D content in PDF.

PRC and U3D with RH Mesh extension are not supported yet.

PLY Polygon File Format or Stanford Triangle Format tick tick Including mesh/point cloud support. ply
STL Standard Triangle Language tick tick   stlascii,stlbinary
U3D Universal3D tick tick   universal3d
GLTF GL Transmission Format tick tick   gltf, gltf2, gltf_binary, gltf2_binary
JT Siemens JT File tick   Only supports version 8 and 9. siemensjt8,siemensjt9
X DirectX File tick   xbinary, xtext
3MF Microsoft 3D Manufacturing Format tick    microsoft3mf
ASE 3D Studio Max’s ASCII Scene Exporter format tick    
HTML Support for HTML tick tick  
USD Universal Scene Description tick    
USDZ Universal Scene Description Archive tick