22.2 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 22.2 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Numerous fixes and improvements

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Provided support for PDF pages with an uneven number of BT and ET operators (‘Begin Text’ and ‘End Text’ markers)
  • Empty encryption dictionaries are now ignored to avoid errors during PDF import
  • Added recovery logic for PDF data streams with incorrect length values
  • Made minor improvements to the footnote detection logic
  • Provided support for recognizing tables containing only horizontal lines
  • Fixed “Cannot read AES initialization vector” error
  • PDF steams that can’t be processed will be skipped from now on
  • Improved PDF cross-reference stream processing (made it more resistant to invalid content)
  • Recovered lost text in several PDF XForms
  • Found a way to speed up the conversion of large PDFs (with 100+ pages)
  • Fixed the algorithm for importing custom properties of a PDF
  • Implemented detection of footnotes without reference numbers

Cloud SDK Changes

  • Python, Java, .NET, Node.js, С++, Dart, Go, Swift SDKs:
    • The SaveOprionsData.SaveFormat property is made read-only with a default value
    • Added subclasses for all SaveOptionsData formats
    • The following classes are made abstract: SaveOptionsData, FixedPageSaveOptionsData, ImageSaveOptionsData, OoxmlSaveOptionsData, TxtSaveOptionsBaseData

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-1824 Table rending issue in PDF file to MD/DOCX format Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1833 PDF to MD conversion takes too long Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1904 Issue with detecting custom footnotes in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-23029 NullReferenceException at PdfContext.ProcessCrossReferenceStream Bug
WORDSNET-23034 InvalidOperationException: “Unexpected nested BT operator” Bug
WORDSNET-23036 IndexOutOfRangeException at PdfUnfilteredStream.ApplyFilters Bug
WORDSNET-23178 InvalidOperationException: “End of stream while reading literal string” Bug
WORDSNET-23179 NullReferenceException at FootnoteDetector.AddSegmentToFootnotes Bug
WORDSNET-23185 Table is lost during PDF to MD conversion Bug
WORDSNET-23199 InvalidOperationException: “Cannot read AES initialization vector” Bug
WORDSNET-23202 InvalidOperationException in CffReader.ReadOffsets Bug
WORDSNET-23205 InvalidOperationException: “Page content invalid at PdfPage.get_Contents()” Bug
WORDSNET-23207 InvalidOperationException at PdfStream.ToByteArray Bug
WORDSNET-23222 Improve the algorithm of the ReconstructXRefTable method Task
WORDSNET-23238 Part of content is missing after converting PDF to DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-23265 PDF import takes a lot of time Bug
WORDSNET-23281 Footnote paragraphs are broken Bug
WORDSNET-23307 Footnotes contain original reference name Bug
WORDSNET-23315 Document custom property cannot be retrieved from PDF generated by ‘Aspose.Words’ Bug
WORDSNET-23374 Custom footnote missing when converting from PDF to Word document format Bug
WORDSNET-23408 Automatic cell merging no longer works after upgrading to ‘Aspose.Words 22.2’ Bug