21.7 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 21.7 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Implemented an automated solution for publishing C++ SDK binaries on GitHub with release CI/CD
  • Added an option for saving IML files (ImlRenderingMode)
  • Added an option for saving text (MaxCharactersPerLine)
  • Implemented an API to obtain RSA public keys used in document password encryption
  • Added a common query option to pass encrypted passwords (encryptedPassword)

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Improved the handling of PDF encrypted documents in accordance with Adobe PDF Encryption Revisions 2 and 3
  • Fixed a series of ZlibExceptions caused by incorrect ObjectEncryptionKey parameter value for RC4-encrypted PDF files
  • Fixed several InvalidOperationExceptions appeared as ‘Operator should take N operands’ messages
  • Added a default value for BitsPerComponent property of PDF images to avoid errors
  • Reworked the ‘Unicode font CMaps reading’ algorithm to support 1-to-N symbol replacement
  • Fixed the incorrect spacing for words consisting of a single character
  • Restored missing text for cases where an XObject form is placed inside the other

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-1340 ‘Split Document’ API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1485 ‘Put Online/SaveAs Document to fixed HTML layout’ APIs return only CSS instead of instead of the complete data (HTML+CSS+resources) Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1587 Incorrect descriptions of some online methods Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1625 An error occurs in the process of interaction between the ‘Mail Merge’ add-on and Google Cloud Storage Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1645 Some methods don’t have the withoutNodePath-version in Swagger UI Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1661 An error occurs when running PHP SDK inside a Docker container Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1546 Implemented an automated solution for publishing C++ SDK binaries on GitHub with release CI/CD New Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1623 Added a new ImlRenderingMode option for saving files New Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1624 Added a new MaxCharactersPerLine option for saving text New Feature
PDF2WORD-812 Unexpected section break inside an area with two columns Bug
PDF2WORD-814 Incorrect column validation Bug
PDF2WORD-816 Unexpected columns Bug
PDF2WORD-818 NotImplementedException: Security handler is not implemented for V=1, R=3 Bug
PDF2WORD-819 NotImplementedException: Security handler is not implemented for V=2, R=2 Bug
PDF2WORD-822 InvalidOperationException: Operator should take 6 operands Bug
PDF2WORD-823 Missing the BitsPerComponent parameter in PdfImage dictionary Bug
PDF2WORD-824 ArgumentOutOfRangeException: CID codes exceed max byte size (parameter ‘Length’) Bug
PDF2WORD-825 InvalidOperationException: Operator should take 4 operands Bug
PDF2WORD-826 InvalidOperationException: Operator should take 2 operands Bug
PDF2WORD-839 A value of the Font.Spacing parameter is set to NaN Bug
PDF2WORD-841 ZlibException: Bad state (invalid window size (19)) Bug
PDF2WORD-842 PDF glyphs are skipped due to an incorrect value of the ClippingPath parameter Bug