21.5 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 21.5 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Improved execution speed for Split and Statistics operations
  • Fixed multiple bugs in Split and Statistics operations

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Corrected detection of footnotes with Roman and Letter numbering styles
  • Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when a PDF image stream doesn’t have Length property
  • Fixed another KeyNotFoundException when a PDF color mask doesn’t specify its type
  • Improved code for reading PDF to support annotations without Subtype property

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-364 Execute MailMerge and save the output document as PDF in one request Feature
WORDSCLOUD-409 Replace multiple text items in a single API call Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1270 Split documents by page range to generate a single document Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1351 Replace multiple text values in a Word document without using cloud storage Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1444 Implement PUT /CompatibilityOptions/ resource Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1576 Implement resultOf feature in Node.js SDK Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1579 Implement resultOf feature for online methods with multipart body Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1582 Implement dependsOn feature in .NET SDK Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1584 Implement dependsOn feature in Ruby SDK Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1585 Improve BatchRequest functionality in Node.js SDK for better usability Feature
WORDSCLOUD-92 Conversion error when splitting DOC to PNG and HTML Bug
WORDSCLOUD-326 SplitDocument API produces documents only with 2 pages Bug
WORDSCLOUD-715 Sentences are split incorrectly across multiple pages Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1092 Invalid word counting performance of Statistics API Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1232 SplitDocument API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1234 GetDocumentStatistics API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1256 SplitDocument API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1342 Split API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1391 AppendDocument API breaks alignment of tables Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1454 Error in the process of converting DOCX to MD format Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1460 GetDocumentStatistics API is not able to load a file Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1462 GetDocumentStatistics API throws OutOfMemoryException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1463 GetDocumentStatistics API throws “Invalid document model” exception Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1469 Statistics API throws ArgumentNullException Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1537 GetDocumentStatistics API throws “Invalid document model” exception Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1581 Internal Server Error (500) in the process of converting DOC to Markdown Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1591 Unit tests for checking online method do not pass when they are executed in Visual Studio Bug
PDF2WORD-705 Provide support for different footnote numbering styles Task
PDF2WORD-706 Only the first footnote with Roman numerals was detected Bug
PDF2WORD-773 KeyNotFoundException: “Dictionary doesn’t contain Subtype entry” Bug
PDF2WORD-775 KeyNotFoundException: “Dictionary doesn’t contain Type entry” Bug