20.7 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.7 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features


  • Added “Markdown” save format


  • Corrected KeyNotFoundException and InvalidOperationException errors while loading a PDF
  • Implemented first version of footnote detection
  • Corrected recognition for page headers with image and text
  • Fixed an ObjectDisposedException when PDF is loaded from a stream

All changes

ID Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-785 Add “Markdown” save format Feature
WORDSCLOUD-852 Problem with ordered/unordered lists inside table Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1187 UpdateParagraphFormat method fails with Internal Server Error Bug
PDF2WORD-484  Footnote detection  Story
PDF2WORD-503  Incorrect text formatting in colontitle  Bug
PDF2WORD-507  Metadata is missed in release dlls  Bug
PDF2WORD-513  Remove duplicated methods CheckAndRetrieveParameters from PdfOperator descendant classes  Task
PDF2WORD-516  Change parsing of operator BI (inline image)  Task
PDF2WORD-525  Prepare new folder structure similar to ParagraphDetection in AccuracyEvaluation project  Task
PDF2WORD-531  Error while processing a PDF file from a MemoryStream  Bug
PDF2WORD-533  Prepare wiki documentation for table recognition workflow  Task
PDF2WORD-535  PdfCCITTFaxDecodeFilter processing fails with an error  Bug
PDF2WORD-536  CffEncodingParser fails to decode a Type 1 CFF font  Bug
PDF2WORD-537  JBig2Decoder causes an OverflowException  Bug
PDF2WORD-538  PdfPageTree class fails on IsTreeNode function  Bug
PDF2WORD-539  Sign Pdf2Word release with the same certificate and key as Aspose.Words team does  Task

SDK Changes


  • Added “Markdown” save format
  • UpdateParagraphFormatRequest now takes ParagraphFormatUpdateDto
  • ParagraphFormat’s hierarchy changed: ParagraphFormatBase model was introduced and contains all common properties


  • Added “Markdown” save format
  • Added endpoint to update paragraph format without node path (PUT “/words/{name}/paragraphs/{index}/format”)