20.6 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.6 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features


  1. Added OoxmlSaveOption CompressionLevel property
  2. Added group of methods without nodePath property
    • DeleteAllParagraphTabStops
    • DeleteParagraphListFormat
    • DeleteParagraphTabStop
    • GetParagraphTabStops
    • InsertOrUpdateParagraphTabStop
    • InsertParagraph
    • UpdateParagraphFormat
    • UpdateParagraphListFormat
  3. In methods InsertOrUpdateParagraphTabStop, DeleteParagraphTabStop order of parameters has changed NodePath was moved to one position next, like if it was second before, now it’s
  4. Fixed swagger specification for “insert drawing object” and “update drawing object” methods


  • Implemented clipping path detection for W and W* operators
  • Added support for PDF files with early EOFs
  • Slightly improved speed of PDF recognition workflow
  • Corrected space detection between links on the same row
  • Fixed a rare concurrency error in font loading code

All changes

ID Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-1183 Add new OoxmlSaveOption CompressionLevel Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1147 Some methods don’t have “withoutNodePath” version in swagger UI Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1222 Swagger UI authentication is not working on DockerHub version Bug
PDF2WORD-450  Links lines must be separated  Bug
PDF2WORD-485  Optimize and enable Colontitle Accuracy test with Full DataSet  Task
PDF2WORD-496  Unify all implementations of accuracy tests  Task 
PDF2WORD-498  Investigate how difficult would it be to support arabic writing  Task
PDF2WORD-499  Sometimes PDF conversion fails on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-500  Can’t open doc-1.pdf because there is no “end of stream” marker  Bug
PDF2WORD-501  Duplicated bottom text line after PDF conversion  Bug


  1. Added new methods:
    • deleteAllParagraphTabStopsWithoutNodePath
    • deleteParagraphTabStopWithoutNodePath
    • getParagraphTabStopsWithoutNodePath
    • insertOrUpdateParagraphTabStopWithoutNodePath
    • insertParagraphWithoutNodePath
    • updateParagraphFormatWithoutNodePath
    • updateParagraphListFormatWithoutNodePath
    • deleteParagraphListFormatWithoutNodePath
  2. DrawingObject related methods have been changed body content. Special request classes are introduced instead of strings.
  3. insertOrUpdateParagraphTabStop, deleteParagraphTabStop methods have been changed parameter order
  4. OoxmlSaveOptionsData.CompressionLevel property has been added