20.4 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.4 – API Reference.

Important Changes and Enhancements


  • Added CompareOptions to “Compare documents” endpoint
  • Added “Password” option to OdtSaveOptions
  • Added “Dml3DEffectsRenderingMode” to SaveOptions
  • Added “InterpolateImages” option to PdfSaveOptions
  • Added “UpdateLastPrintedProperty” to SaveOptions
  • Added “UseTargetMachineFonts” option to HtmlFixedSaveOptions


  • Fixed all issues related to Xamarin support;
  • Improved formulas formatting when font substitution occurs during the recognition;
  • Got better bookmark detection when running on Linux;
  • Corrected vector lines position and alignment with text on Linux.

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-279 Add “UseTargetMachineFonts” option to HtmlFixedSaveOptions Data  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-422 Add “Password” option to OdtSaveOptions  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-671 Provision of Compare Options in Aspose.Words Cloud  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1060 Add new SaveOptionsData.UpdateLastPrintedProperty  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1131 Add new Saveoption Dml3DEffectsRenderingMode  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1132 Add new PdfSaveOption “InterpolateImages”  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1099 EOF error if APP KEY is incorrect  Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1129 DrawingObjects API response includes unsecured Href  Bug
PDF2WORD-135  Slow processing on some files  Bug
PDF2WORD-412  Wrong formulas formatting  Bug
PDF2WORD-425  TestRecognizingTextWithBookmarks fails on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-429 TestDocument_CorrectResult_BothHeadersAndFooters fails on Linux Bug
PDF2WORD-460 TableDetector doesn’t recognize a colored table Bug
PDF2WORD-469 Table doesn’t fit it’s border Bug
PDF2WORD-470  Some vector lines aren’t visible on the chart Bug
PDF2WORD-476  Pdf2Word plugin doesn’t work with Xamarin (Mac, Android, iOS)  Bug
PDF2WORD-458  Research possible Aspose.Drawing usage in PDF2Word project  Task
PDF2WORD-471  Enable case-sensitive Git for project’s repository (cancelled)  Task
PDF2WORD-480  Test Live Share feature in Visual Studio 2019  Task
PDF2WORD-481 Integrate StyleCop and Cloud style rules Task
PDF2WORD-482  Migrate Pdf2Word projects to VS 2019, C# 8 and .NET Core 3.1  Task

SDK Changes

  1. ‘rangeEndIdentifier’ now non-required for all SDKs, just like NET SDK.
  2. The same order of parameters in the modelRequests for all SDKs.
  3. Added CompareOptions property to CompareData class
  4. Added Password property to OdtSaveOptions class
  5. Added Dml3DEffectsRenderingMode property to SaveOptions class
  6. Added UpdateLastPrintedProperty property to SaveOptions class
  7. Added InterpolateImages property to PdfSaveOptions class
  8. Added UseTargetMachineFonts property to HtmlFixedSaveOptions class
  9. Added some request data classes: 
    • RunUpdate and RunInsert
    • FootnoteUpdate and FootnoteInsert
    • FieldUpdate and FieldInsert
    • CommentUpdate and CommentInsert
    • DocumentPropertyCreateOrUpdate