20.3 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements


  • Added RtfSaveOptionsData.SaveImagesAsWmf property
  • Added SDK for Swift
  • Added SDK for Go
  • PHP SDK. From now in packagist sdk has different package name aspose-words-cloud new link here. Old package is abandoned and no more updated since this release ABANDONED package.


  • Improved space detection between words in text paragraphs;
  • Fixed position in text for images rotated by 45 degrees;
  • Corrected PDF header recognition while checking file format;
  • Fixed a blur effect for images encoded with ICC profiles;
  • Adjusted text position and alignment on Linux;
  • Improved line endings detection for text lines;
  • Table cell size calculation was slightly updated.

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-549 Swift Cloud SDK  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-984 Go Cloud SDK  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1004 Add new RtfSaveOption.SaveImagesAsWmf  Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1038 API V1 GetParagraphs not working for files greater than 5mb  Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1040 ExecuteMailMerge API region option issue  Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1061 GetFilesList method returns dates in inconsistent format  Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1072 Authentication Failures after 24hrs  Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1093  Word files Upload failing and throwing unexpected error  Bug
PDF2WORD-328  Integrate PDF2Word plugin with Aspose.Words package  Feature
PDF2WORD-402  Fix lines endings in unexpected places  Task
PDF2WORD-403  Wrong single line position in output png Bug
PDF2WORD-404 Wrong text position inside vector images in output png on Linux Bug
PDF2WORD-405  Space length is too big  Bug
PDF2WORD-406  Wrong paragraphs indent Bug
PDF2WORD-407  Line endings in unexpected places  Bug
PDF2WORD-408  Text could not be fully visible inside table cells  Bug
PDF2WORD-409  Wrong charts positioning  Bug
PDF2WORD-410  Text overlaying for multicolumn layouts  Bug
PDF2WORD-413 Similar output files have pixel diffs in golds on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-414  Text could not be fully displayed inside graphical elements on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-415  SearchablePdf_WithTextBehindImages_MustNotHaveDuplicatedText fails on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-418  Wrong text wrapping  Bug
PDF2WORD-419  Wrong rotated and flipped image positions  Bug 
PDF2WORD-421  Missing font error in unit tests on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-422  TestSimpleHighlightedGlyphs fails with null reference exception  Bug
PDF2WORD-423  Paragraph alignment tests fail on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-424  TestRecognizingOneSimpleParagraph fails on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-431  FileNotFoundException errors.  Bug
PDF2WORD-461 Logo image from a document recognized as white noise Bug
PDF2WORD-462  Text block groupping doesn’t work properly after font replacement  Bug
PDF2WORD-463  Incorrect division to words and too big spaces in the text strings  Bug
PDF2WORD-464  Reduce build time on GitLab for master commits  Task
PDF2WORD-465  Single lines have wrong position and overlap nearby text  Bug
PDF2WORD-467  Large whitespace gaps which break words inside of text flow.  Bug
PDF2WORD-468  Incorrect text alignment on Linux  Bug
PDF2WORD-472  Can’t open a couple Chinese PDFs because they have unexpected file header  Bug 
PDF2WORD-478  Wrong formulas block alignment in Appendix_C_CITables docx  Bug
PDF2WORD-479  Different Golds for 2018_blueprint.pdf on dev PCs and GitLab  Bug

SDKs Changes


  • XmlColor.Alpha isn’t a required property
  • Added RtfSaveOptionsData.SaveImagesAsWmf property
  • WordsApi class now has credentials parameters
  • Methods which used to work with File now work with byte[]


From now in packagist sdk has different package name aspose-words-cloud new link here. Old package is abandoned and no more updated since this release ABANDONED package.