20.10 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.10 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Various fixes and improvements

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Reduced amount of the wrong paragraph splits by improving text line comparison logic
  • Reworked page numbering detection to support more patterns and number formats (including Roman numerals)
  • Improved space size calculation to correct the reported issues with words joined together
  • Removed redundant paragraph breaks caused by footnote references
  • Fixed the spacing in lists after the first item
  • Implemented the first iteration of paragraph joining logic between adjacent pages (a similar change for lists will be made later)

All changes

# Summary Category
WORDSCLOUD-588 HTML to Word (DOCX) Conversion. Table data is truncated Bug
WORDSCLOUD-591 HTML to Word Conversion. Public Image hosted on Client Server is missing in the Output Word Bug
WORDSCLOUD-811 DOCX to PDF Conversion issue with SaveAs API method Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1006 Statistics API is throwing 502 Bad Gateway Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1007 Numbering list alignment issue in HTML to DOCX Conversion Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1231 GetDocumentStatistics throwing Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1262 GetDocumentStatistics is throwing error a value with the specified key has already been added Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1271 GetDocumentStatistics is throwing object reference not set error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1272 Split API method throws GlossaryDocument Error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1273 Split API Method unable to load Word document Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1274 GetDocumentStatistics API is unable to load Word document Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1276 SplitDocument API Method is throwing Object Reference error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1278 GetDocumentStatistics API is throwing cannot insert a not this type error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1279 GetDocumentStatistics API is throwing GDI+ error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1280 SplitDocument API is throwing GDI+ error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1281 ODT to TXT conversion issue with SaveAs API Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1284 Split API is throwing Object not set error while splitting Word to HTML Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1289 SaveAs API is throwing Object reference error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1310 Split Document API is throwing duplicate attribute name error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1311 Split API is throwing Buildingblocks error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1312 SplitDocument API is throwing Overflow error for a big Word Document Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1314 SaveAs API Method is throwing Object reference not set error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1315 SaveAs API is throwing not supported structured storage version Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1316 ODT to TXT conversion document loading issue Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1322 Append Document API is throwing error while loading file exception Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1346 DeleteMacros API throwing image file saving error Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1353 Text alignment difference in HTML to DOCX conversion between 20.7 and 20.9 Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1354 HTML to DOCX conversion issue with the numbering list inside HTML table Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1355 HTML to DOCX content misalignment Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1356 Section numbering disappears on HTML to DOCX conversion Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1359 Unterminated string. Expected delimiter exception when call batch request Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1363 CreateFolder method in PHP SDK throwing 500 Error connecting to the API Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1380 getDocumentDrawingObjects API regression issue in Aspose.Word Cloud SDK for Node.js Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1389 Regression: SplitDocument API is overwriting all output pages with the first page of the input document Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1390 PHP SDK File Upload throwing 400 Bug
PDF2WORD-5 Process paragraph placed on two pages simultaneously as one paragraph, not as two ones New feature
PDF2WORD-29 Spaces missing in converting of certain doc Bug
PDF2WORD-545 Unexpected section breaks after every page because of Headers/Footers Bug
PDF2WORD-549 Many words are joined together on Windows Bug
PDF2WORD-552 Page numbers are recognized as normal text Bug
PDF2WORD-571 Footnotes refactoring Task
PDF2WORD-574 Unexpected table was detected Bug
PDF2WORD-577 Footnote after space not detected Bug
PDF2WORD-580 Adding a new item to a list after the first one breaks visual consistency Bug
PDF2WORD-582 Wrong paragraph split, incorrect carriage return detection Bug
PDF2WORD-583 Wrong paragraph split due to list detection Bug
PDF2WORD-584 Wrong paragraph split due to textual cluster building Bug
PDF2WORD-587 Implement Case-Document-PageID pattern recognition in headers Task
PDF2WORD-588 Implement i-ii-iii page number pattern recognition Task
PDF2WORD-593 Improve header pattern recognition for Rent-A-Center.pdf Task