20.1 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements


  • Property “ColorMode” moved from SaveOptionsData to FixedPageSaveOptionsData


  • Corrected document layout on first saving;
  • Added recognition for ICC based color spaces from PDF documents;
  • Reduced the number of processing steps for PDF images (should improve processing time for some PDFs).

All changes

Summary Category
Move property “ColorMode” from SaveOptionsData to FixedPageSaveOptionsData Enhancement
Replace MemoryStream and byte[] with SixLabors.ImageSharp.IImage in image processing Enhancement
Include support of ICC profiles and implement ICCBased color space Enhancement
Pdf -> HtmlFixed conversion issue  Bug
 ConvertDocument API: PDF to HTML conversion Issue Bug
Test TableIsFoundCorrectlyByHeader fails on Linux  Bug
Sometimes a test fails with NullReferenceException  Bug