Aspose.Tasks Cloud 22.7 Release Notes

All Changes

Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-2596 Add support for “Calculation for task and group summary rows” custom field option Enhancement
TASKSNET-10471 Remove unnecessary memory allocations when reading Task, Assignment, Resource properties Enhancement
TASKSNET-10556 Add IsRoot property to Resource object Enhancement
TASKSNET-10499 Fix reading\writing of Guids from\to XER file Bug
TASKSNET-10485 Fix rendering of holidays in Gantt Chart view Bug
TASKSNET-10484 Fix reading of Finish Milestones from XER format Bug
TASKSNET-10483 Fix parsing of formulas with different separators Bug
TASKSNET-10479 Fix differences of calculated custom fields between versions Bug
TASKSNET-10520 Fix reading \ writing of PreleveledStart and PreleveledFinish fields Bug
TASKSNET-10519 Fix task ‘Notes’ icon is incorrectly shown when MPP saved by Aspose.Tasks is opened using MS Project Bug
TASKSNET-10508 Fix calculation of formula Bug
TASKSNET-10507 Fix reading of Activity Codes from XER: some codes are missing Bug
TASKSNET-10497 Fix calculation of PercentComplete and PercentWorkComplete for tasks read from XER file Bug
TASKSNET-10482 Fix incorrect Start\Finish dates of task with zero duration Bug
TASKSNET-4691 Fix incorrect writing of extended attributes for specific version of MPP 2003 format Bug
TASKSNET-10536 Fix each call to project.Recalculate decreases work of task with ‘FixedDuration’ Type and non-flat WorkContour Bug
TASKSNET-10524 Fix infinite loop in recalculations when task calendar is set to 24h Bug
TASKSNET-10505 Fix incorrect timephased data generation for tasks with non flat WorkContour Bug
TASKSNET-10554 Fix incorrect calculation of Asn.Finish for assignments with Asn.Units not equal 1 Bug
TASKSNET-10552 Fix NullReference exception when reading/writing file with absent “TBknAssn.Props” stream Bug
TASKSNET-10569 Fix resource rate’s RateTo property is set incorrectly when reading project from Primavera P6 XML format Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public properties were added: Description
ExtendedAttributeDefinition.SummaryRowsCalculationType Specifies the type of a calculation of the custom attribute’s value for summary rows.
Resource.IsRoot Gets the flag indicating whether resource is a root resource.
The following public enumerations were added: Description
SummaryRowsCalculationType.None Means the custom attribute’s value for summary rows is not calculated.
SummaryRowsCalculationType.Rollup Means the custom attribute’s value for summary rows is calculated using rollup function defined in “ExtendedAttributeDefinition.RollupType”
SummaryRowsCalculationType.UseFormula Means the custom attribute’s value for summary rows is calculated using formula defined in “ExtendedAttributeDefinition.Formula” />.

Additional notes

Related issue: TASKSNET-2596 - Add support for “Calculation for task and group summary rows” custom field option

The API for Extended attributes were improved. The previous ExtendedAttributeDefinition API where ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType should be one of the following: { None, Lookup, Rollup, Calculation } didn’t reflect all the cases such as extended attribute where values for leaf tasks are calculated using formula and values of the summary tasks are calculated using rollup. ExtendedAttributeDefinition.SummaryRowsCalculationType property (with values None, Rollup, UseFormula) was added to reflect MS Project’s model of extended attribute’s settings. ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType’s values are now limited to (None, Lookup, Formula) values.

Extended attribute settings in MS Project