Aspose.Tasks Cloud 21.6 Release Notes

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Key Summary Issue Type
TASKSNET-4828 Problem with .MPP file baseline1 Finish date on saving MPP Bug
TASKSNET-4827 Fix logic of RenderToSinglePage when project is saved to image format Bug
TASKSNET-4834 Fix reading of tasks from Primavera XML files. Bug
TASKSNET-4389 Fix display of manual duration of task after project resave Bug
TASKSNET-3742 Fix cost TD are not displayed in TaskUsage\ResourceUsage view when MPP file saved by Aspose.Tasks is opened by MS Project Bug
TASKSNET-4908 Fix resaving of the specific MPP file throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException Bug
TASKSNET-4907 Fix resaving of the specific MPP file throws ‘Project writing exception’ Bug
TASKSNET-4876 Fix incorrect timephased data for assignment with zero work. Bug
TASKSNET-4866 Fix setting of assigned task duration not recalculating correctly for the first task Bug
TASKSNET-4854 Fix updating of assignment’s TimephasedData Bug
TASKSNET-4850 Fix “File reading error.” exception when open document MPX file Bug
TASKSNET-4734 Fix failed resave to MPX format Bug
TASKSNET-4698 Fix incorrect percentages in exported MPP file Bug