Aspose.Tasks Cloud 19.10 Release Notes

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Major Features

  • Support for Microsoft Project Online, MPP files saved with Microsoft Office 365 cloud has been supported.
  • The support of setting CSS prefix for HTML export has been added.
  • Health check endpoint now avaliable in public API
  • CORS policy now allows any headers and methods
  • Fix issues in OpenAPI spec
Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes
The following API endpoints were added: Description:
PUT{fileName}/importfromprojectonline?siteUrl={serverAddr}&format={format} Imports project from Project Online and saves it to specified file. Where: {serverAddr} - The url of sharepoint site. For example, “”. {format} - Format of the resulting file. The import to Mpp format is not supported. {fileName} - The name of the resulting file. Full list of arguments you can see at  OpenApi specification
GET{serverAddr} Gets the list of published projects in the current Project Online account. Where: {serverAddr} - The url of sharepoint site. For example, “”.
The following objects and properties were added: Description:
DTO object ProjectInfo You can expect array of this objects as output at “GET” route. It’s a brief info about the published project available on Project Online.
ProjectInfo.Id The unique identifier of the project.
ProjectInfo.Name  The name of the project.
ProjectInfo.CreatedDate The date and time when the project was created.
ProjectInfo.IsCheckedOut Value indicating whether the project is checked out.
ProjectInfo.LastPublishedDate The most recent date when the project was published.
ProjectInfo.LastSavedDate The most recent date when the project was saved.
ProjectInfo.Description The description of the project.
Header x-project-online-token Required header for Project Server interactions. Must contain authorization token for the SharePoint
HtmlSaveOptions.CssStylePrefix Gets or sets css style prefix.
DocumentProperty DateFormat New property to view or set DateFormat. Available values see below. 
DateFormat.DateMmDdYyHhMmAM = 0, Available values for DateFormat enum.
DateFormat.DateMmDdYy = 1,
DateFormat.DateMmmmDdYyyyHhMmAM = 2,
DateFormat.DateMmmmDdYyyy = 3,
DateFormat.DateMmmDdHhMmAM = 4,
DateFormat.DateMmmDdYyy = 5,
DateFormat.DateMmmmDd = 6,
DateFormat.DateMmmDd = 7,
DateFormat.DateDddMmDdYyHhMmAM = 8,
DateFormat.DateDddMmDdYy = 9,
DateFormat.DateDddMmmDdYyy = 10,
DateFormat.DateDddHhMmAM = 11,
DateFormat.DateMmDd = 12,
DateFormat.DateDd = 13,
DateFormat.DateHhMmAm = 14,
DateFormat.DateDddMmmDd = 15,
DateFormat.DateDddMmDd = 16,
DateFormat.DateDddDd = 17,
DateFormat.DateWwwDd = 18,
DateFormat.DateWwwDdYyHhMmAm = 19,
DateFormat.DateMmDdYyyy = 20,
DateFormat.Custom = 21,
DateFormat.Default = 255,
DateFormat.DateDdMmYyyy = 256
DocumentProperty CustomDateFormat Project view custom date format. Used to format dates when DocumentProperty DateFormat property is set to DateFormat.Custom