Replace Text in a PowerPoint Presentation Not Using the Storage


You don’t need to upload files to the Storage to perform text replacement. You can use online methods that read presentation from request body and return the updated presentation in response body. As with storage methods, Aspose.Slides Cloud provides you methods to replace text in a individual slide or a presentation as a whole. With online methods, the result of the operation is the updated presentation. The number of replacements is not returned. You need to use storage methods if replacement count is essential information for you.

API Information

API Type Description Swagger Link
/slides/replaceText POST Replace text within a presentation in request body ReplacePresentationTextOnline
/slides/slides/{slideIndex}/replaceText POST Replace text within a individual slide in request body ReplaceSlideTextOnline

cURL Example

SDK Source

The Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from the following page: Available SDKs

SDK Examples