Aspose.Slides for Cloud 17.9 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESCLOUD-301 Saving presentation as OTP template Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-302 Add EffectFormat property to Shape & Background resources Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-308 Implement Slide resizing Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-296 Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 17.9 features Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-303 Add Reset task to the Pipeline resource Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-304 Add ShowMasterShapes property to slide resource Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-305 Implement InvertedSolidFillColor for Chart Series Feature
SLIDESCLOUD-273 Aspose.Slides fails on loading large files Bug
SLIDESCLOUD-276 Can’t retrieve Korean text items Bug

Public API Changes

  • EffectFormat property is added to shape and background resources. It is a complex type object that represents effects like blur, glow, reflection, soft edge et al.
  • SlideSize PUT subresource is added to Presentation resource. It allows to set slide size for the presentation.
  • ResestSlide task is added to pipeline resource. It allows to reset a slide in the presentation.
  • otp is added to valid values of format parameter for slide and convert resources and for Save task of the pipeline resources. It allows to save or download a slide or a presentation in Open Document Template format.
  • InvertedSolidFillColor string property is added to Chart Series type. It allows to get or set the color for inverted values in a series.
  • ShowMasterShapes boolean property is added to slide resource. It determines whether shapes from master slide are shown on the slide.