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This document outlines the design of a REST-based API for Aspose Cloud, it covers both the structure of REST URLs as well as specific behavior linked to the API such as Authentication, Request Queuing, and Storage. The Aspose for Cloud API will give developers access to all the key functions of the downloadable Aspose componenets through a Software as a Service hosted model.


  • Platform - this covers elements of the Aspose for Cloud platform, not directly linked to file format manipulation, such as Storage, Authentication, Queuing, etc;
  • Common - this covers common elements of the API which are shared by all products;
  • Product - this covers product specific areas for each product;
    • Aspose.Words
    • Aspose.Cells
    • Aspose.Pdf
    • Aspose.Slides
    • Aspose.Email
    • Aspose.BarCode
    • Aspose.Imaging
    • Aspose.Tasks
    • Aspose.OCR
    • Aspose.OMR

API Basics

The Aspose for Cloud API is a REST-based API for wide usability on the web across platforms. By default, the REST API returns XML formatted responses, but it is possible to get the response in JSON format by setting Content-Type to application/json. Accompanying the REST API will be Client SDKs for all major development platforms which will provide client libraries to make it very easy for developers to code against the Aspose for Cloud APIs.

Base URL

Aspose for Cloud API requests are made by sending a correctly constructed HTTP requests to the following address, with arguments being generally submitted as HTTP get or post arguments and data files being sent as HTTP post method where necessary.


Default 'empty' request redirects to service start page with a link to some helpful examples. Please check following articles for information regarding Request and Response Format and how to authenticate Aspose for Cloud API request.

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