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Aspose.OCR Cloud is a REST API for optical character recognition and documents scanning in the cloud. It supports reading and recognizing characters from BMP and TIFF image formats. Optical character recognition can be performed either on a whole image or partial image. If the required characters are all over the image then scanning the whole image is better option. If you want to scan partial image then specify a rectangular area containing the characters. Aspose.OCR for Cloud API allows passing X and Y coordinates from where the rectangle is supposed to be started as well as its width and height. Once the character recognition operation is initiated within specified rectangular area - The cloud OCR API will read the characters and font information from that area and return the response in XML or JSON format with the below image scanning attributes:

  • Scan whole or partial image for character recognition
  • Recognize text from a rectangular area
  • Specify rectangular area using X and Y coordinates, height and width
  • Optical Character Recognition And Font Attributes Support
  • Our Skew Correction module allows to recognise slightly rotated images

The characters of different languages have different representations. If we combine the languages with the font types and styles - it makes a large set of characters to be recognized from an image. Aspose.OCR for Cloud handles this task very precisely. It can recognize recognise text in English, French and Spanish languages at the moment.

API Description

Aspose.OCR Cloud is delivered over HTTP as a REST API with responses delivered in JSON or XML format. Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. You can see our API detail here.

Security and Authentication

The Aspose.OCR Cloud API are secured and required authentication. Developers can create app access key ID (appSID) and app secret access key when they register. Authenticated requests require an signature and appSID query parameters. Signature is computed by encrypt the request URI using HMAC_SHA1 with app secret key. You can see complete detail here.


The API is completely independent of your operating system, database system or development language. We provide and support API SDKs in many development languages in order to make it even easier to integrate. You can see our available SDKs list here.

API Explorer

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Cloud SDKs

Cloud SDKs are wrappers around REST APIs in various programming languages, allowing you to process documents in language of your choice quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights. Please check Aspose.OCR GitHub repository for SDKs along with working examples, to get you started in no time.

API Explorer

Aspose.OCR Cloud API Reference is the easiest way to try out our API APIs right away in your browser! With the It allows you to effortlessly interact and try out every single operation our APIs exposes.

Security and Authentication

The Aspose.OCR Cloud API Reference. This is a collection of Swagger documentation for the Aspose Cloud APIs. You can get information about all the resources in the API. It also provides testing and interactivity to our API endpoint documentationAPIs are secured and requires authentication. Please create your Aspose for Cloud account (if not already created), Create new app and Get your App Key and App SID. Aspose Cloud REST APIs can be authenticated using either OAuth 2.0 or URL Signing. Please check Authenticating API Requests article for more details.