Image Preprocessing Presets

Introducing new feature - Image Preprocessing

Image preprocessing saves your traffic and money when recognizing OMR forms at the expense of redundant quality.  

We offer several configurations presets. You can select one of those presets or manually configure preprocessing settings.

All images will be preprocessed before they are sent to cloud for recognition.

Image Preprocessing Presets Dialog

You should see this dialog when attempting to recognize images for the first time. It is also avialable via button at recognition toolbar.

  • Toolbar button to manually call the dialog
  • Image Preprocessing Presets Dialog

Managing Preprocessing Presets

  • You can enable and disable image preprocessing. It is enabled by default and we recommend disabling it only when you have poor quality images.
  • Choosing one of the predefined presets depending on quality of your images:
    • Aspose Generated - Templates that were generated by Aspose using Template Generation dialog.
    • Good Quality - Low-noise photos or scans with easily distinguishable bubbles and considerable gap between them.
    • Normal Quality - Certain requirements are not met (e.g. high-noise photos, low contrast bubbles, small gaps between bubbles, but not simultaneously).
  • Choosing Custom Settings allows you to manually modify preprocessing configuration.

Preprocessing Settings

Currently there are three main settings to configure:

  • Resize Image To Fit. Reduce image size.
  • Set Jpeg Quality. Set the Jpeg compression level.
  • Do Not Preprocess Images Less Than. Exclude small images from preprocessing so that they do not lose quality.