Extract Text from Image using Cloud Storage


Optical character recognition can be performed either on a whole image or on a specific portion of the image. If the required characters are all over the image then scanning the whole image is a better option. If you want to scan partial image then specify a rectangular area containing the characters. Aspose.OCR Cloud API allows passing X and Y coordinates from where the rectangle is supposed to be started as well as its width and height. Once the character recognition operation is initiated within a specified rectangular area - The cloud OCR API will read the characters and font information from that area and return the response in XML or JSON format.

The characters of different languages have different representations. If we combine the languages with the font types and styles - it makes a large set of characters to be recognized from an image. Aspose.OCR Cloud handles this task very elegantly as it can recognize text in English, French and German languages.

Aspose.OCR Cloud provided an API to recognize and extract OCR text from raster images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) stored in the cloud.

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