Aspose.Imaging Cloud 21.11 - Release Notes

New features, fixes and improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-686 Support of custom fonts in image conversion
IMAGINGCLOUD-671 Actualize support of image formats

In this release, we have supported new image formats, loading custom fonts, and updated references to the latest version of Aspose.Imaging and Aspose.PSD.

Aspose.Imaging v21.11 release integration features

IMAGINGNET-4582 Memory Leaking due to cyclic references in Image classes.
IMAGINGNET-4800 Convert SVG to PNG Problem
IMAGINGNET-4785 Regression in compression methods when exporting to PSD format
IMAGINGNET-4783 Unable to open the Tiff file
IMAGINGNET-4752 Incorrect conversion from tif to pdf
IMAGINGNET-4586 Cannot load particular EPS image
IMAGINGNET-4497 “Unknown name ‘rectfill’” exception thrown when calling “Size” property for EPS image
IMAGINGNET-4679 Occasionally an exception occurs when running Image.Save in multiple threads
IMAGINGNET-4637 EPS image Load method throws an exception
IMAGINGNET-4634 EPS image Size property throws an exception
IMAGINGNET-4457 Property Size of EPS image throws an exception

Aspose.Imaging v21.11 comes with fixing some image loading and processing issues.

For the complete list of changes, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 21.11 Release Notes.