Aspose.Imaging Cloud 20.12 - Release Notes

New features, fixes and improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-620 Add Imaging for Cloud JavaScript SDK auto-generation

In this release, we have added JavaScript SDK and updated references to Aspose.Imaging and Aspose.PSD

Aspose.Imaging v20.12 release integration features

IMAGINGNET-4160 Wrong processing of SVG image
IMAGINGNET-4108 Enhance EPS fileformat inherinance to support rotate, resize, flip etc operations as vector images support
IMAGINGNET-4165 Invalid results of the export from PNG to SVG format
IMAGINGNET-4143 Saving jpg after watermark throwing exception
IMAGINGNET-4115 Exception on exporting EMF to PDF
IMAGINGNET-4113 Exception on loading CDR file
IMAGINGNET-4031 Index was outside the bounds of the array exception when loading DNG
IMAGINGNET-4194 Exception during the export from EMF to PNG file format
IMAGINGNET-4190 Image export failed exception when converting BMP to PNG
IMAGINGNET-4155 Exception on combining Tiff

Aspose.Imaging v20.12 comes with fixing image loading, conversion and export issues for some formats.

For the complete list of changes in the release of the Imaging On-premise APIs, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 20.12 Release Notes.

Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK changes

IMAGINGCLOUD-620 Add Imaging for Cloud JavaScript SDK auto-generation
  • added JavaScript SDK