Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.6 - Release Notes

New features, fixes and improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-266 Enable parallel DJVU tests
IMAGINGCLOUD-267 Remove caching before crop for WebP format
IMAGINGCLOUD-281 Fix DJVU multi-page export to PSD
IMAGINGCLOUD-283 Enable WebP self-update test
IMAGINGCLOUD-286 Enable parallel EMF tests
IMAGINGCLOUD-297 ExtractAndAddImageFeaturesFromFolderTest fix
IMAGINGCLOUD-282 Enable WMF and EMF crop operations
IMAGINGCLOUD-342 Improve Cloud solution module structure

In this release we have:

  • Continuously worked on AI subsystem improvements, and now it is much more stable than ever before!
  • Fixed advanced WebP processing
  • Fixed and improved DJVU format processing which improved multi-page export quality
  • Fixed and improved EMF and WMF crop operations
  • Enriched our common ops functionality which is reflected in the common operations format support map for you to be able to save the processing results to even more formats!

Aspose.Imaging v19.6 release integration features

IMAGINGNET-3376 Backport Aspose.Psd code to Aspose.Imaging April/2019
IMAGINGNET-3321 Large memory consumption while loading a PNG image
IMAGINGNET-3287 Margins are getting added when converting WMF to SVG
IMAGINGNET-3378 Image width and height is cropped on converting WMF to PNG
IMAGINGNET-3421 Gif file not properly converted to PDF
IMAGINGNET-3205 RotateFlip operation does not work as expected with PSD
IMAGINGNET-3374 Issue with converting DjVu format to images
IMAGINGNET-3309 Wmf to PNG not properly converted
IMAGINGNET-3279 EMF and WMF crop operations provide invalid results
IMAGINGNET-3395 EMF not properly converted to SVG
IMAGINGNET-3266 Fix parallel DJVU processing and check for memory leaks
IMAGINGNET-3265 Fix WebP crop operation - it requires caching for some reason
IMAGINGNET-3282 Fix enormous WebP animation RAM consumption in case of self-update

Aspose.Imaging Cloud v19.6 comes with various formats improvements' integration to be able to cover even wider range of specific features and use-cases!

For the complete list of changes, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 19.6 Release Notes.

API changes

IMAGINGCLOUD-350 Make error responses camel case
IMAGINGCLOUD-341 Deprecate support of creating a resource with GET requests
IMAGINGCLOUD-351 Update Storage submodule.

In this release, we are introducing some major changes which have been announced in the previous release. They are based on industries' best practices regarding REST APIs implementation:

  • We have updated our Storage submodule, and now the Storage API uses PUT (instead of POST) for idempotent operations of file uploading and folders creation.
  • We have deprecated GET requests that were able to create resources. Practically, it does mean that from now on you can only obtain the processed image in the response stream with GET requests, and saving it to storage (i.e. creating a new resource) is no longer allowed (outPath parameter has been removed for these requests). If you still need to process the image from storage and save it to storage as well, please upload the processed image explicitly by using the Storage API.

Please, refer to the updated API reference page.

For more information on how it is reflected in SDKs, please read the information in the SDK section below.

Note: with the new API v4.0 which is planned to be released this year, we will continue making our APIs more RESTful and robust.

Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK Changes

IMAGINGCLOUD-324 Fix Android gradle script that uses repo dependency for tests
IMAGINGCLOUD-330 Aspose.Imaging Cloud Java SDK vulnerability
IMAGINGCLOUD-307 Add common operations format support map link to SDK readme files
IMAGINGCLOUD-298 Add missing values documentation for string parameters
IMAGINGCLOUD-294 Improve API reference groups and SDK methods naming to make them more user- and SEO-friendly

The small fixes are the usage of more recent libraries in Java SDK to eliminate the possible security vulnerability, improving SDK documentation and adding the common operations format support map to SDK READMEs.

The main change that has been announced in the previous release is the method naming scheme change. In conjunction with making API more RESTful, we have greatly improved the usability of our SDKs.

The common logic was to make SDK methods naming simple and intuitive instead of previous bulky approach. For the most of updates, it’s true that GET requests contain simple operation name and POST requests which allow us to create resources start with Create, the ones that don’t - with Extract.

Old method name New method name
GetImageResize ResizeImage
PostImageResize CreateResizedImage
GetImageCrop CropImage
PostImageCrop CreateCroppedImage
GetImageRotateFlip RotateFlipImage
PostImageRotateFlip CreateRotateFlippedImage
GetImageSaveAs SaveImageAs
PostImageSaveAs CreateSavedImageAs
GetImageUpdate UpdateImage
PostImageUpdate CreateUpdatedImage
GetImageProperties GetImageProperties
PostImageProperties ExtractImageProperties
GetImageFrame GetImageFrame
GetImageFrameProperties GetImageFrameProperties
PostImageFrame CreateImageFrame
PostImageFrameProperties ExtractImageFrameProperties
GetImageBmp ModifyBmp
PostImageBmp CreateModifiedBmp
GetImageGif ModifyGif
PostImageGif CreateModifiedGif
GetImageJpg ModifyJpeg
PostImageJpg CreateModifiedJpeg
GetImagePsd ModifyPsd
PostImagePsd CreateModifiedPsd
GetImageWebP ModifyWebP
PostImageWebP CreateModifiedWebP
GetImageJpeg2000 ModifyJpeg2000
PostImageJpeg2000 CreateModifiedJpeg2000
GetImageEmf ModifyEmf
PostImageEmf CreateModifiedEmf
GetImageWmf ModifyWmf
PostImageWmf CreateModifiedWmf
GetImageTiff ModifyTiff
PostImageTiff CreateModifiedTiff
GetTiffToFax ConvertTiffToFax
PostTiffAppend AppendTiff
PostCreateSearchContext CreateImageSearch
GetSearchContextStatus GetImageSearchStatus
DeleteSearchContext DeleteImageSearch
GetSearchContextFindSimilar FindSimilarImages
GetSearchContextFindDuplicates FindImageDuplicates
PostSearchContextAddTag CreateImageTag
GetSearchContextExtractImageFeatures ExtractImageFeatures
PostSearchContextExtractImageFeatures CreateImageFeatures
GetSearchContextImageFeatures GetImageFeatures
DeleteSearchContextImageFeatures DeleteImageFeatures
PutSearchContextImageFeatures UpdateImageFeatures
PostSearchContextAddImage AddSearchImage
GetSearchContextImage GetSearchImage
DeleteSearchContextImage DeleteSearchImage
PutSearchContextImage UpdateSearchImage
PostSearchContextCompareImages CompareImages
PostSearchContextFindByTags FindImagesByTags

Please, check the updated file in the root of the needed SDK repository: it contains new names and also covers the case when GET request result is uploaded to the storage explicitly.

Note: the new API v4.0 which is planned to be released this year should not affect SDK methods naming much since the scheme introduced in the current release is designed to be mostly compatible with this change.