Aspose.Imaging Cloud 18.6 - Release Notes

New API Features, Fixes, and Improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-110 Switch to Aspose.Imaging Cloud API version 2.0 for current release
IMAGINGAINET-5 Implement Aspose.Imaging.AI REST API methods
IMAGINGCLOUD-95 Check and fix MIME types for image streams
IMAGINGCLOUD-120  Add more parameters to Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK jobs and extend the CI accordingly
IMAGINGCLOUD-122 Prepare hotfix for API v1 to resolve failing tests
IMAGINGCLOUD-119 Remove signature authentication from SDKs

This release includes fonts cache and MIME types fix for API v1.0.

Integration Features

IMAGINGNET-3013 Fix OpenTypeFontsCache for Platform environment

For the complete list of changes, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 18.6 Release Notes.

API changes

Adjusted versioning according to the latest requirements.

Along with this release, we introduce new AI features integration, which include:

  • Content-based image search
  • Image duplicates search
  • Image search by custom registered tags
  • Image comparison and similarity detection
  • Image features extraction (for now, AKAZE detector is supported)

APIs' Reference page will let you test these APIs directly in the browser.

The default API version is now 2.0, so SDKs update is needed to use the latest one.

Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK changes

Signature authentication has been removed to encourage usage of OAuth 2.0.

Aspose.Imaging AI features are represented in the SDK.