How to Get Storage Information - Cloud APIs

Cloud Storage Information

Cloud storage allows keeping and retrieving data worldwide at any time. You can use storage for various scenarios, including storing data for archival or disaster recovery.

Aspose.HTML Cloud provides a set of functions to work with objects uploaded to Aspose.HTML Cloud Storage or any other Cloud Storage of your choice. This section provides a description of SDK methods and REST API storage-wide operations using Aspose.HTML Cloud API v.4.0. You find out how to get user associated cloud storage information such as disc usage, object existence, etc.

Aspose.HTML Cloud SDKs and REST API allow you to incorporate Aspose.HTML Cloud services in your applications quickly and easily. SDKs are available in C #, PHP, Perl, Android, Swift, Java, and other languages to help developers speed up development.


All storage access methods are divided into three groups: storage information methods, directory manipulation methods and file manipulation methods. Let’s consider a few examples that allow you to get storage information.

Example 1: How to check if the storage exists