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Contents Summary

Aspose.OMR Cloud APIs are REST APIs with response delivered in JSON format. It allows developers to add OMR functionality to their applications using a simple set of requests. With the use of Aspose.OMR Cloud APIs, developers can recognize data from photos.


Aspose.OMR Cloud has the capability to capture human-marked data from documents like surveys, questionnaires, examination paper etc. With the use of Aspose.OMR Cloud, it is possible to recognize scanned images and even photos with high accuracy. Aspose.OMR Cloud supports following features:

  • Recognition of scanned images and photos
  • Ability to process rotated and perspective (side viewed) images
  • Recognize data from tests, exams, questionnaires, surveys etc.
  • High accuracy rate
  • Export the results to CSV file format
  • Template Generation from Textual markup
  • Barcodes and QR-codes in template generation
  • Barcodes and QR-codes recognition
  • GUI OMR Editor (Cloud client)
  • Add, delete OMR elements from template


Following are some limitations:

  • Recognition process works well with the bubbles at least 75% filled
  • API will work on perspective (side viewed/out of focus) and rotated images under certain conditions. For example, angle of rotation should be within 25 degrees
  • Performing OCR operation is also not supported for now
  • OMR operation will show results only in text format


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