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Email Client API

Aspose.Email Cloud API provides an email client API which supports:

  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, WebDav protocols.
  • OAuth and Basic authentication.
  • Virtual Multi-account (provides API to handle several email accounts as one).
  • The email client allows to:
    • Send emails.
    • Append email messages to folders.
    • Mark emails as read.
    • Get email lists, search emails.
    • Fetch emails by id.
    • Delete messages by id.
    • Folder operations (Get list/Create/Delete folder).

You should set up email accounts before using email client API.

Email account information should be stored on Storage as .account or .multi.account file. 

File with .account extension is used to store one email account. It contains information about email server configuration (host, port, protocol, security options) and authentication data (login/password or OAuth credentials). You can find out more in working with single email account article.  

File with .multi.account extension is used to store Virtual Multi-account. ou can find out more in working with multi email account article.  

All email client methods use one account or an account pair (firstAccount + secondAccount). For example, you can call an API method with a combination of IMAP and SMTP accounts. So the client will use the SMTP account to send and the IMAP account to receive messages.


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